Red Kickstand pad

Priceless Insurance

Having your Bike fall over due to soft ground is heartbreaking.

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blue kickstand pad


A fantastic way to promote your brand and keep customers coming back.

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skulls kickstand pad


With many patterns and combinations we can make a look just for you. Examples Here

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Made in the u.s.a

The original Kickstand Pad by PDS Plastics is a Quality American Made Product.
There are other Kickstand Pads on the market but we believe we offer the best Product, Price and Service in the world. Kickstand Pads are made with High impact ABS. Kickstand Pads will not crack or break under stress, pressure or weight.
Our American Made Kickstand Pads

Offer a way to keep your name in the forefront of your customers mind everytime they ease their bike down after a ride.
Giving your customers a quality, useful product custom made with your brand can not only keep them with you but can also be seen by their friends.
Kickstand Pads can also be a tool that your customers can give to their friends giving your brand just that little extra push. About the first time a customer uses a Kickstand Pad their friend is going to ask what that is, and what a great idea.

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