How does a Kickstand Pad work?

Lets face it, we love our bikes and the risk of tipping over when parked on hot asphalt or soft ground is all to real. A Kickstand Pad gives a larger footprint for your kickstand and allows it to function as it was designed to.

If you have ever dropped your kickstand and noticed that it just does not seem to be fully extended a Kickstand Pad can help. Kickstand Pads allows the stand to slide out to it's correct position and lets your bike become more stable.

Parking on grass or a lawn at a barbecue can be tedious. You need to find ground hard enough for the kickstand to do it's job. With a Kickstand Pad you can be assured that your bike will not be on the ground when you get back. The larger surface area and sliding surface let your bike plant so it is safe.